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Stadt Locarno

Double-pitch roof system. Dimensions: 12x10m.

Uniformly distributed load UDL: 6944 kg


  • Distributed Load considering wind pressure: 3252 kg
  • Uniformly distributed load UDL: 6944 kg
  • Weight: 2600 kg
  • Transport volume: 24,7 m3
  • Covered area/storage volume ratio: 4,8
  • Towers: 4 x Varitower 3
  • Trusses for lifter: QH30SA
  • Trusses for roof: QH30SA+FX30SA
  • Roofing sheet: Self-extinguishing Class 2 - 650 g/sqm

This structure for professional use has considerable dimensions and performance.

Every detail has been determined following the highest safety standards required

for applications at this level. Thanks to the restraining devices adopted and materials

used, this system performs excellently even  in high winds. It is mounted on Varitower

3 lifters assembled for lifting with chain hoists. Double-pitch roof systems can 

be fitted with lateral PA wings for hanging audio or video systems.