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Fixed and variable speed EXE Rise chain hoists have been specifically designed to satisfy the demanding needs and requests of the enterntainment and touring market.
D8 and D8+ models comply with the German Quality Standard SQP2:2018. Available THREE PHASE (Direct or Low Voltage Control type) SINGLE PHASE version. SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE FRAME size. Compatibility with EXE DRIVE Motor Controllers and EXE CELL load cells.

EXE VARIO is variable speed chain hoist, suitable for body-up and body-down (self-climbing or standard suspension), without the need for any adjustments modifications. The EXE VARIO has the ability to ramp start, ramp stop, program preset positions and vary the speed of the chain hoist for maximum creative effect.

EXE Rise Products & Large Frame Chain Hoists videos.

Chain Hoists mechanisms classification
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  • Brand new range of controllers
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  • Cell Display
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  • Can move LED screens, scenery and lights
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