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Eclairage scénique professionel
50 ans d'expérience
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50 ans d'expérience
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Dépôt de 1800 m2
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Atelier de réparation

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Eclairage scénique depuis plus que 50 ans

Depuis plus que 50 ans ECM est connu partout en Suisse pour ses produits de haute qualité et fiabilité. Grâce à des bons contacts avec les grandes marques de l'éclairage scénique, ECM peut garantir la meilleure qualité des produits et du service.

Conseil global

Notre personnel compétent vous conseillera personnellement et de manière complète en matière d'éclairage et de technique scénique. Nous nous chargeons de la planification jusqu'à la livraison finale ; chez nous, vous obtenez tout d'une seule main. Nous élaborons avec vous un concept d'éclairage professionnel en fonction de vos besoins. Contactez-nous afin que nous puissions prendre rendez-vous.


Rhapsodya - It's an evolution of Sinfonya!

Rhapsodya emerges as a groundbreaking, low-noise multi-spectral RGBAL LED fixture meticulously designed for various applications such as touring, live events, theatre, and TV production, and managed by a specially crafted, internally developed firmware algorithm.

HY B-Eye K15 now > Aqua!

The HY B-Eye K15 Aqua represents a significant upgrade over the latest HY B-Eye K15, setting new standards in innovation and lighting while also ensuring unmatched IP66 protection.

LUPO DayledPRO 3000 finally arrived!

Guarantee of professional results for your work, built-in DMX and with USB port! The new DayledPRO 3000, like all Lupo LED Fresnels, features exceptional colour rendering thanks to the use of COB LEDs with exclusive True Color Technology.

Discover ROXX!

Combined with the concentrated knowledge and many years of experience, our three founders, who have been leaving their mark in the event and lighting industry for many years already, came together in 2019 to start this outstanding venture.

24 Skylos and 48 Arolla Aqua Units from Claypaky lit up the Verona Arena for a Night of Sport

More than seventy Claypaky lights were used to illuminate the inaugural Eurovolley match at the Verona Arena. The project was conceived by MeQuadro Show Service’s lighting designer Andrea Coppini and the company owner Emanuele Mazzi, with support from Claypaky product specialist Alessandro Melegaro.

Robert Juliat Sully modules chosen to support the eco-responsible transition of Chaillot

Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse, l’un des six théâtres nationaux français, opère actuellement la rénovation de la salle Jean Vilar.

Exploring the Magic of the Golden Hour in Design - a contribution by Chris Lowe

Photographers, artists, CGI artists and cinematographers all share a common love for a specific time of the day - the Golden Hour.

Look Solutions' latest machines

9 kW powerful fog generator with fan in a flightcase The Orka deLuxe is probably the most powerful fog machine in the world that is produced as a serial product. It is used wherever a high amount of fog in a very short time is needed.