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Claypaky's on tour

The Claypaky Xtylos lighting fixture has proven to be a powerful tool for lighting designer Ian MacDonald during the Five Finger Death Punch arena tour.
Lighting Designer Ian MacDonaldutilized a large complement of Xtylos fixtures, Claypaky’s compact beam moving light with a tailor-made RGB laser source, for the recently concluded US arena tour of multi-platinum powerhouse, Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP).

“Initially, that design featured a different laser fixture, but we decided to use Xtylos instead, and they did great,” MacDonald reports. “So when we changed the design for the arena tour this fall we added more Xtylos.”

Claypaky Scenius and Mythos 2 lighting fixtures were utilized to bring Conan Gray's unique aesthetic to life during his Superache tour.
Lighting Designer Will Smith designed the lighting, video and set for the North American, Australia and Asia legs of American singer-songwriter Conan Gray’s Superache Tour. Smith chose Claypaky Scenius Spots and Mythos 2 fixtures for the sold-out North American leg of the tour, which is in support of Gray’s second studio album of the same name.

Smith had already used Claypaky Scenius Spots on previous tours and knew they would perform as desired on Superache. He selected 15 Scenius Spots for the overhead rig spreading them over two head trusses with color strobes. He added one more Scenius Spot at the top of the entrance ramp to back light Gray during his big entrance reveal. Smith also opted for 24 Mythos2 fixtures mounted in banks of two on H frames at the side of the stage with six more along the back.“For me, the output of both the Mythos and Scenius Spots was unreal and color mixing was a joy to work with,” Smith declares. “The form factor of the Mythos in particular not only allowed us to stack them in H frames but also saved us a lot of truck space without compromising on output.”

Claypaky's on tour
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