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New Terra Plus/SS-T RGBW RDM

Inground LED fixture with 12 powerful RGBW LEDs. IP67 rating protection. Housing and trim ring in stainless steel AISI316. It is possible to adjust the TILT position of the fixture. The motorized tilt adjustment function by DMX allows you to position the light beam in the most appropriate way, so it is not necessary to open the device that maintains the degree of protection IP67.

• Motorized Tilt adjustment -2° +10°.
• Manual Pan 180°.

TERRA PLUS/SS-T RGBW RDM can be used to decorate columns, pillars, along walkways, on patios, in steps, to highlight and to landscape details and key elements.

New Terra Plus/SS-T RGBW RDM

Terra Plus SS.

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