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Archiled 300 RGBWA

The ARCHILED 300 is a LED Lighting fixture with a very smart and small form factor, gentle, compact and highly reliable. Amazing in terms of light output and extremely solid from a mechanical point of view. Great colour spectrum, very low heat, no moving parts in the fixture. The LED driver is fixed on the base of the product feeding the 96 5W high power LEDs. The ARCHILED 300 can be driven via wireless installing a receiver on board. Particularly adapt to be used to light up with deep beam of light, several final applications in the architectural field specifically for hotels and hospitality, retail and commercial malls, parks and landascapes, historical and cultural monuments.

  • 96 total (4x5W) LEDs 24 groups each one with four LEDs (24 red, 24 green, 24blue, 12 white, 12 amber) 8300 total lm (lm: 1600 W, 1650 R, 3150 G, 700 B, 1200 A) 210W total light power
  • 25mm quad lenses standard 23°
  • IP 54


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Archiled 300 RGBWA
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