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Archiled 150 DRS RGBW

The ARCHILED 150 DRS RGBW is the smallest version of the DRS series. It is equipped with 64 LEDs of 1W each combined in RGBW groups of 4LEDs. As for the ARCHILED family the design is clever and gentle. The robust case ensures a very long term reliability specifically for harsh environments. Excellent light output with a compact size. Ideal for outdoor permanent installations to light up the details of buildings as columns, pillars, and generally small surfaces where the details want to be emphatized. Attractive look combined with a resistant case.

  • 64 (4x3W) LEDs 16 groups each one with four LEDs (RGBW) 3300 total lumen (lm: 1200 W, 640 R, 1200 G, 300 B) 60W total light power
  • IP 66
  • 25mm quad lenses 23°


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Archiled 150 DRS RGBW
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