Robert Juliat - Verfolgerscheinwerfer


  • Sensor System
  • No need for emitters and/ or cameras

SpotMe is a innovative sensor system which allows the Robert Juliat followspots to track the position of the performers on stage without the need of an emitter and/or camera. The setup of SpotMe is fast and easy thanks to sensors on the followspots and a server which communicates the position and beam size parameters to the lighting console. Any moving lights can be turned into followspots at any time during the show.

Roxie 1166 CW
  • LED 300 W
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Lancelot 1021TM
  • 4,000 W HTI
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Super Korrigan 1149
  • 1,200 W HMI
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Manon 1419
  • 1,200 W MSD
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