ETC - Console


  • 4,096 or 32,768 outputs
  • 16,000 control channels
  • Motorized playback faders 100 mm

Need an energetic desk for a large touring show with a complex rig? Looking for a board that saves space in control rooms without scrimping on power? Want a desk compact enough to carry from the control booth to the tech table every day? ETC's Gio is an on-the-go road warrior in a tidy footprint that can handle shows of any size with ease.

Anne Valentino and Dennis Varian introduce you to ETC's console in the Eos® Family: Gio™. Dennis provides a hardware overview of new and different features, and Anne relates the capacities and placement of Gio in the line.

Element 2
  • 1,024 or 6,144 outputs
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Eos Ti
  • 4,096 or 32,768 outputs
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Gio @5
  • 4,096 or 24,576 outputs
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Ion Xe
  • 2,048 or 12,288 outputs
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