ETC - Console

Eos Ti

  • 4,096 or 32,768 outputs
  • 16,000 control channels
  • Motorized playback faders 100 mm

Eos Ti is ETC's flagship lighting control desk, with powerful hardware, easy-to-navigate software, and the right tools to realize art within the tight timetable of professional productions. Ti speaks the language of light, with no complicated command syntax to get in the way of your design.

Anne Valentino leads you through the product features and discusses the Eos Family and its philosophy, while Al Crawford, Dan Murfin, Zakaria M. Al-Alami, and Ziggy Jacobs provide their reflections on how Eos affects their work.

Element 2
  • 1,024 or 6,144 outputs
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  • 4,096 or 32,768 outputs
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Gio @5
  • 4,096 or 24,576 outputs
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Ion Xe 20
  • 2,048 or 12,288 outputs
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