ETC - Alex

Alex M 6 x 5 kVA Dimmer Pack

  • 12 auxiliary groups
  • 5 control curves
  • Individual 0 to 30 % preheat setting

With the Alex M 5 kVA dimmer, you get easy dimming of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads that can be controlled by a lighting console (DMX512 or a similar unit) or independently via control functions. The rack-mountable Alex M 5 kVA is a single, compact dimmer pack.

Digitour 6S
  • Compact size
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Portable SineWave Power Module
  • Single 5 kW or dual 2.5 kW dimmer
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DP90S ThruPower Module
  • Voltage and current monitoring
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Sensor3 Installation Racks (ESR48)
  • High dimmer density
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