Clay Paky - Multifunktionsscheinwerfer


  • Laser-engine
  • long lasting light source (10'000h)
  • ultraconcentrated light beam

The Xtylos is a compact beam moving light with unique optical and chromatic characteristics.
The beam aperture is less than 2° and it can be decreased further to 0.5°. The Xtylos uses laser technology with RGB additive color mixing. In contrast to the subtractive mixing used with discharge lamps, colored light beams are as bright as a white light beam! The range of effects features two gobo wheels - with 7 rotating gobos and 12 fixed gobos (including 7 beam diameter reducers) - a wheel with 3 prisms, and a sixteen facet prism on a dedicated channel which can be overlapped with the prism wheel.

SolaSpot 2000
  • 600 W bright white engine
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Alpha Spot HPE 300
  • 14.7° to 35° electronic linear zoom
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Sharpy Wash 330
  • 330 W lamp
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SolaSpot Pro CMY LED
  • 320 W bright white engine
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