ARRI - Orbiter

Orbiter Bag-o-Light

  • Delivers beautiful soft light for close-up applications
  • Bag-o-Light mounts easily and quickly without tools to the Orbiter's 15° Open Face optic
  • Inflatable via a standard household pump or even by mouth

The Orbiter Bag-o-Light by Licht-Technik is an ideal accessory for close-up applications in motion picture and photography where soft light with almost no shadows is required. This accessory, looking like a huge tube, transforms the light output from the standard 15° Open Face optic on the Orbiter into beautiful soft light. The Bag-o-Light is easily inflated by a standard pump (< 6000 Pa / 60 mbar - not included) or even by mouth and can be quickly mounted to the 15° Open Face optic (not included). It is lightweight at less than 0.86 kg / 1.89 lbs. and only needs little storage space when deflated.

Orbiter Optics
  • Open Face Optics
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Orbiter Docking Ring
  • Extending Orbiters' versatility by allowing the attachment of third-party optics
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Dome Mini
  • Produces great-quality omnidirectional light with single soft shadow
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Orbiter Miscellaneous
  • Skid
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