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Orbiter Beam

Brightest full-color LED spot light

The Orbiter Beam provides a punchy and defined 4° shaft of parallel and homogeneous light. This Beam optic transforms the Orbiter into the brightest full-color LED spot light on the market, thanks to it's new reflector-focused optical concept and the Orbiter's Spectra light engine. The Orbiter Beam produces an illuminance level that is comparable to the Daylight M-Series M18, enabled by its tighter beam angle.

- High intensity output thanks to new optical concept
- 4° parallel beam
- Reflector and snoot can be easily separated and stacked for convenient storage and transport
- Manual focus adjustment for a soft or hard beam edge
- Effortless mounting thanks to Orbiter's QLM
- Can be attached to any Orbiter color version

The Orbiter Beam has a large aperture, yet its housing is compact (approx. 573 mm x 548 mm x 548 mm / 22.6 in x 21.6 in x 21.6 in) and lightweight (5,9 kg / 13 lbs.). The reflector’s diameter of 530 mm (20.9 in) is similar in size to the M90. The optic consists of two parts, the reflector and the snoot, which can easily be separated and stacked for convenient storage and transport. The Orbiter Beam utilizes a unique manual focus adjustment that allows for a soft or hard beam edge.

This parallel beam light is perfectly suited especially within cinematic applications—either for long throw distances or indirectly bounced. The Orbiter Beam optic is an ideal option for creating the illusion of natural light from a distance. The unique and authentic look of this light fixture makes it a go-to choice for filmmakers when simulating sun- or moonlight in film projects.

Orbiter Beam
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