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Qatar Vision Chooses Extensive Array of Claypaky Lighting Fixtures for AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023™
Qatar Vision (Qvision), the most prestigious event management company in the State of Qatar, utilized a wide array of Claypaky lighting for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023™. The fixtures illuminated pre-match ceremonies, the Fan Zoneand coronation ceremonyat the 18th edition of the Cup, a quadrennial international football tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation. Qvision installed moving lights across six stadiums to enhance the pre-match ceremony viewing experience and allow complete control of stadium lighting, programmed to synchronize with music for infotainment (including match replays, analysis and interiews, advertising, broadcast graphics and statistics) and half-time entertainment. Qvision accomplished this mammoth task with 100 Claypaky Scenius Unico, 150 Sharpy Plus Aqua, 100 Xtylos and 150 K-EYE K20 HCR fixtures. An additional 24 Claypaky Skylos, 50 Mythos 2 and 40 Hepikos were also deployed.

Qvision also created a technical overlay specifically for the Lusail Stadium, which served the trophy reveal segment, pre-match ceremony, half-time entertainment and the coronation ceremony. The coronation ceremony crowned the winning team and had special meaning for the crowd sincethe host nation’s team once again took the cup. Qvision was responsible for the design, supply, installation and operation of the lighting fixtures strategically placed around the stadium to enhance the ambiance and grandeur of the ceremony. They included 60 Claypaky Scenius Unicos, 100 Sharpy Plus Aquas, 100 Xtylos, 150 K-EYE K20 HCRs, 24 Skylos, 50 Mythos 2, 40 Hepikos and 50 Tambora Battens.

Claypaky Lighting Rig Shines on the Luxembourg Song ContestTo Select a Contestant for Eurovision 2024
After an absence of 31 years, Luxembourg marked its return to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024by staging the precursor Luxembourg Song Contest event, organized and broadcast by RTLand featuring Claypaky lighting fixtures. 

Creating the Luxembourg Song Contest proved to be an international effort with Zagreb, Croatia-based Ivas Group producing the show for RTL, providing a turnkey solution with lights, video, audio, trusses, hoists and the entire production crew. Daka Azulay, from Lightvision Lighting Designin Tel Aviv, served as the Lighting Designer. Azulay chose a large complement of Claypaky fixtures for his design, which enhanced the visual impact of the show for eager fans happy to see Luxembourg back in the famed Eurovision competition. The rig boasted 205 compact, lightweight Claypaky Sharpy X Frame multi-function luminaires, 80 of them provided by Ivas Group with the balance from Belgium-based AED Group’s rental division. Also playing key roles were 48 Midi-B LED wash-beam lights and 40 compact Mini-B LED beam lights.

Claypaky LightsUp Skindred’s First Arena Headline Show at Wembley
Welsh ragga-metal band Skindredplayed their firstarenaheadline show in March at the OVO Arena Wembley, England, with Claypaky Mythos 2 and Sharpy Washes supporting the musicians’ intense, high-energy performance. Welsh ragga-metal band Skindred played their first arena headline show in March at the OVO Arena Wembley, England, with Claypaky Mythos 2 and Sharpy Washes supporting the musicians’ intense, high-energy performance. Will Furze, the band’s Designer and Lighting Director, discussed the show with Skindred band members last year while on tour. They wanted to incorporate existing elements of their stage set, which featured artwork from their latest album “Smile,” and lasers were a must-have as well.

In selecting lighting fixtures Furze aimed for an uncluttered rig so he looked for a hybrid-style light that could perform multiple functions. “I chose 40 Mythos 2 as they are the best ‘hybrid’ fixture on the market,” he says. “I like the physical appearance and form factor of the Mythos. The large front lens is aesthetically pleasing and looks fantastic on camera.” Twenty-four Mythos 2 were flown across five trusses while 16 more were mounted on the stage set with eight flanking each side of the drum kit. “They were absolutely the right choice for me as they looked spectacular!” Furze declares. He also positioned six Sharpy Washes on the downstage edge in two clusters of three fixtures. “I love the compact size of these fixtures and the punch they give along with the ability to get a nice tight beam,” Furze reports.

ClaypakyLighting Fixtures Shine at Maria Becerra’s Sold Out Shows in Buenos Aires’ River Plate Stadium
Argentine singer and former YouTuber María Becerra made history as the first Argentine female artist to sell out River Plate Stadiumin Buenos Aires, the largest venue in Argentina, for two consecutive nights, March 22 and 23, 2024. A large complement of Claypaky fixtures illuminated the show designed by Creative Director Julian Levy and lit by Lighting Designers and Programmers Pablo Martinelli and Joaquin Boerr from Gou Studio.

The large lighting package included 120 Mythos 2 spot fixtures for the main stage, 22 A. leda B-EYE K20 high-performance wash/beam/effects lights for the proscenium and 24 Sharpy Plus hybrid beam/spot lights covering the low seats, Front of House and stadium perimeter.

396 Claypaky Tambora Linear 100 and SkylosLight Up Eurovision Song Contest’s Bold 360º Stage
The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) showcased its most innovative set design ever at the Malmö Arena in Sweden where Claypaky Tambora Linear 100 high-power LEDs and Skylos white-laser source searchlights supported the dynamic look of the event’s first 360º stage. Fredrik Stormby from Stockholm-based Green Wall Designs, the Lightingand Screen Content Designer for this year's event, selected the Claypaky fixtures. Storm by is best known as part of the creative team behind Beyonce's 2023 Renaissance tour, Loreen's winning 2023 ESC performance and ABBA Voyagein London. He joined Production Designer Florian Wieder and the senior production team to help create, design and deliver the large-scale, spectacular show to a global audience of more than 160 million people.

“Eurovision has a long, long relationship with Claypaky,” says Ola Melzig, from M & M Production Management ABin Stockholm, who served as Senior Technical Directorfor ESC 2024. “We world-premiered the Sharpy Wash in 2013.”

“I love Claypaky fixtures,” he declares. “Their lights are extremely reliable and the ratio is very important for me: size, weight, output and power consumption. That’s critical when you’re trying to be sustainable; every watt counts, every gram counts on a210-ton rig.”

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