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Neue Produkte und Technik

Claypaky's news from Prolight+Sound 2024

Be enchanted by the magic of light and cutting-edge technology ready to illuminate your world with unparalleled splendor.

Rhapsodya emerges as a groundbreaking, low-noise multi-spectral RGBAL LED fixture meticulously designed for various applications such as touring, live events, theatre, and TV production, and managed by a specially crafted, internally developed firmware algorithm.
It is an evolution of Sinfonya, particularly regarding the focus on quality of optics and color management, and the whisper-quiet operation even at full output. Rhapsodya has a stunning new product design that is sleek and modern, with a double power output compared to Sinfonya.

Volero Cube
Imagine a compact IP66 moving head seamlessly merging beam, wash, and strobe effects – also with pixel-to-pixel control. Imagine configuring it to create stunning and dynamic lighting elements, either as single units or on multiples for complex arrangements. Impossible? Not with Volero Cube!
Volero Cube can be your ultimate creative building block: it’s not just a single tool, but a whole toolbox bursting with playful possibilities, packed into one compact and versatile unit. It is a unique fixture in Claypaky’s portfolio, the first of a new series of compact, powerful, and versatile moving heads.

Mini-B Aqua PX
Introducing Mini-B Aqua PX, the latest addition to the Mini-B family. With unmatched flexibility, lightweight design, and lightning-fast movements, Mini-B Aqua PX meets the demands of lighting pros. Born from the need for a compact, agile washlight that braves the elements and inspires creativity, Mini-B Aqua PX inherits core strengths while adding pixel-to-pixel LED control.

Panify 2
Claypaky’s commitment to innovation shines bright with the introduction of Panify 2. This groundbreaking motorized platform empowers you to animate any static fixture, bringing it to life with dynamic effects and creating immersive experiences.

Orkis Cyc
Cyclorama lights are the unsung heroes of the stage, bathing backdrops in seamless washes of light and transporting audiences into the heart of the story. But traditional cyclorama lights can be bulky, noisy, and power-hungry. Meet Orkis Cyc, the game-changing cyclorama light from ADB by Claypaky. This innovative wall-washer combines the best of both worlds: theatrical color perfection with FLOW cutting-edge Active Liquid Cooling Technology.

Claypaky's news from Prolight+Sound 2024

Claypaky @ Prolight+Sound 2024 - Lighting Show and Highlights

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