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HY B-Eye K15 now > Aqua!

The HY B-Eye K15 Aqua represents a significant upgrade over the latest HY B-Eye K15, setting new standards in innovation and lighting while also ensuring unmatched IP66 protection.
At its heart, it features an original optical unit that enhances both uniformity and light output efficiency.
The rotating front lens and individual LED control unleash a mesmerizing world of kaleidoscopic projections and captivating eye-candy effects. This innovation simplifies complex macro effects, making it an all-in-one lighting solution: it’s a high-performance LED wash light, a flawless beam light, and a jaw-dropping visual effect projector – all in a single fixture.
With a 40W RGBW LED engine, it delivers unbeatable power, ensuring a brilliant display, even on the largest venues. HY B-EYE K15 Aqua is more powerful, efficient, intelligent, versatile, and weatherized than ever!

Discover the HY B-EYE K15 Aqua, where power, precision, and performance unite to craft unforgettable lighting experiences, regardless of the weather.

HY B-Eye K15 now > Aqua!

Claypaky HY B-Eye K15 Aqua

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