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EOS v3.2!

Eos v3.2 > Your system. Your space.
From networking to fixture configuration to a new app, the latest Eos software offers game-changing tools that allow you to quickly adjust color, device and system settings and power up your 3D programming. The same Eos software powers all the consoles and controllers in the Eos Family (you can run it on your Mac or PC, too!), and we’re always adding exciting new features to advance your programming. Eos v3.2 includes improvements to color tools and model and fixture import and support, Zone Control in Augment3d, support for a new space-scanning accessory app, and more.


Eos Family software patch released
Eos v3.2.3 contains critical fixes and optimizations for playback, synchronization in multiconsole systems, addressing several issues recently found in the field. The update also includes general improvements to Patch, trackball use, and more. 

ETC recommends that users who have upgraded to v3.2x should move to v3.2.3 as soon as production schedules allow. Users moving from v3.1.5 or earlier should upgrade directly to v3.2.3.

For a full list of bug fixes and improvements, please see the release notes

ETC Release Notes
Eos Family v3.2.2 Lighting Control Software

Eos v3.2.2 fully replaces v3.2.1 to fix a critical firmware upgrade issue that can cause devices to lose their license (output count). Users who have already upgraded to v3.2.1 should move to v3.2.2 as soon as possible. Users upgrading from v3.2.0 or earlier should skip v3.2.1 and move directly to v3.2.2.
Only products built after July 2022 that use the 4390B5614 or 4390B5714 Intelligent Power Board IMX RT circuit boards can be affected:

• Apex Processor
• Eos Remote Interface
• Gio @5
• Ion Xe
• Ion Xe 20
• Ion Xe RPU
• Element 2

Apex consoles, Programming Wings, Pucks, and legacy hardware are not affected. If you are unsure if your device is affected, grab the serial number and visit

CAUTION: If your console is affected, DO NOT attempt to update the firmware of the Intelligent Power Board IMX RT hardware module in the shell. A failed update will require the device be sent to an ETC service provider to be restored to operational condition. If your console is not affected or you do not attempt to upgrade the Intelligent Power Board firmware, Eos v3.2.1 is fully functional and stable, but ETC recommends moving to v3.2.2 when possible to mitigate
any potential issues.

EOS v3.2!

Eos v3.2 Software Introduction

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