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Combined with the concentrated knowledge and many years of experience, our three founders, who have been leaving their mark in the event and lighting industry for many years already, came together in 2019 to start this outstanding venture. 

Product development, sales and marketing as well as the exceptional know-how and the profound rooting in the field of the professional lighting technology belong to our core competences and therefore guarantee extremely innovative and reliable products, excellent support and professional service in every aspect. 

ROXX® SHOW Series satisfies the demand for very high performance, weatherproof lighting fixtures for entertainment and architectural applications, in terms of light quality, size and range of accessories.

With the SHOW mini series, ROXX® continues to meet the demand for very powerful, weatherproof lighting for the entertainment and architectural sectors and offers a battery version as an important innovation. The flexibility and variety of options previously offered by its bigger brother in terms of light quality, size and accessories is now even more pronounced thanks to the completely wireless application option, offering customers that certain extra freedom of choice.

Discover ROXX!

SHOW | 02/2023 | ROXX®

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