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24 Skylos and 48 Arolla Aqua Units from Claypaky lit up the Verona Arena for a Night of Sport

More than seventy Claypaky lights were used to illuminate the inaugural Eurovolley match at the Verona Arena. The project was conceived by MeQuadro Show Service’s lighting designer Andrea Coppini and the company owner Emanuele Mazzi, with support from Claypaky product specialist Alessandro Melegaro.

The event marked the return of top sporting events to the temple of Italian opera, which was transformed into an open-air sports stadium in less than 24 hours.

Emanuele Mazzi explained how the idea for this rig came about: “We were asked to include something awesome for this unusual event. In addition to illuminating the field, we put together lighting effects on the stalls and the audience, and created beams visible from afar to make the Arena look even more impressive.”

“To create these effects, we chose the Skylos and the Arolla Aqua,” Andrea Coppini continued. ”We saw these lights at Claypaky’s headquarters, and we were immediately impressed by their innovative features, perfect for creating a unique, memorable event.”

“It is also an honour for Claypaky to be present at this event,” Claypaky product specialist Alessandro Melegaro underlined. “It was a challenge to install our products at this prestigious venue, which will definitely bring out their unique features in terms of quality of effects and beam power.”

The Claypaky Skylos is part of the IP66 Shield Family. It is ultra-versatile and weatherproof with a solid dense beam and ever-increasing light output, a feature which is highly valued by lighting designers in the touring business. It is fitted with a customized 300W white light laser source, which provides an extremely parallel, uniform beam. Considering its light output and the size of its front lens, the unit is lightweight and compact. This means the light can be moved around with relative ease in any environment and be mounted on trusses for use on tours. It is IP66-rated and marine grade, so the fixture can work in any weather conditions and in environments with high marine salinity and a high risk of corrosion. A sophisticated internal heating system, especially designed for this light, means it can even work at very low temperatures (down to -40°).

The Arolla Aqua is also part of the IP66 Shield Family, and is Claypaky’s top-of-the-range weatherproof light. It fits a 900 W (7000 K) white LED light source capable of delivering 40,000 lumens. This means that it can compete power-wise with high-power lights and size-and-weight-wise with medium-power fixtures. Its uniform light beam, high beam quality, light density, and the total absence of spurious light can be appreciated with the naked eye, and make the Arolla Aqua a benchmark for professionals looking for an IP66, high-power, compact, reliable, all-round fixture with high-level performance.

24 Skylos and 48 Arolla Aqua Units from Claypaky lit up the Verona Arena for a Night of Sport

Claypaky behind the scenes at Eurovolley 2023

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