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ARRI Expands Orbiter Accessory Line

Orbiter Docking Ring: Connecting a New World of Options
The Orbiter Docking Ring mounts effortlessly onto the Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) of every Orbiter. The Docking Ring is automatically recognized by the luminaire and adjusts the light output for ultimate performance. Attaching third-party optics can also be done simply and swiftly without any tools required. The operation of third-party optics is safe due to the built-in automatic and low-noise cooling fan. Good to know: The Docking Ring is not needed to apply ARRI optics and accessories; it is only necessary for third-party optics.
Orbiter Dome Mini
The Orbiter Dome Mini provides great quality omnidirectional light at a high intensity. Compared to the Dome optic, the Dome Mini is a compact version; smaller and therefore lighter. The highly translucent material keeps the light output loss to a minimum compared to the usually larger, cloth-based domes. The QLM (Quick Lighting Mount) in Orbiter allows a for quick and easy mount of the Dome Mini. The light it produces is great for near distance applications with limited available space.

Orbiter Glass Cover
The Orbiter Glass Cover is a small, compact, and lightweight optical accessory for the Orbiter. With its ultra-translucent glass, the Glass Cover allows for full, unrestricted light output without impacting color temperature or quality. It is ideal for near distance applications with limited available space where much light is needed. The QLM (Quick Lighting Mount) innovation in Orbiter allows for the optic to be mounted effortlessly to the fixture.
Orbiter Bag-o-Light
The Orbiter Bag-o-Light by Licht-Technik is an ideal accessory for close-up applications in motion picture and photography where soft light with almost no shadows is required. This accessory, looking like a huge tube, transforms the light output from the standard 15° Open Face optic on the Orbiter into beautiful soft light. The Bag-o-Light is easily inflated by a standard pump (< 6000 Pa / 60 mbar - not included) or even by mouth and can be quickly mounted to the 15° Open Face optic (not included). It is lightweight at less than 0.86 kg / 1.89 lbs. and only needs little storage space when deflated.
LiOS 1.3 New Features
ARRI is also pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of LiOS, the advanced lighting operating system of the Orbiter. ARRI's aim is to listen to the wishes of customers and constantly improve their products, adapting them to current and future requirements.

ARRI Expands Orbiter Accessory Line
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