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ETC Paradigm Network Station Power Supply

Paradigm has the flexibility to let you build the system you want, with the capability to handle as many sensors, stations, and interfaces as you need. The Network Station Power Supply and the Station Power Module provide the power and data connectivity to your system inputs.

Network Station Power Supply
The Network Station Power Supply (NSPS) is a DIN rail-mounted device that supplies power and connectivity for up to 63 devices. It connects to a Paradigm processor over your network and Paradigm accessories over two-wire cabling. Because it connects to a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor via network communication, it literally expands the reach of your system. You can use your network for long data runs and keep your two-wire power cabling runs short. A compact LCD screen on the unit and tactile button interface make it easy to configure the NSPS and bind replacement stations without needing separate configuration software or to physically be at the Paradigm processor.

Station Power Module
The Paradigm Station Power Module (P-SPM-E) partners with a Paradigm Architectural Control Processor in a Unison DRd or ERn enclosure. The P-SPM-E provides power and data for up to 63 stations, using two-wire cabling. Each Station Power Module supports a total of 1,640 feet (500 m) in any combination of wire runs from one processor. You can mix and match these two devices to get the ultimate flexibility on station lay out.

*Each Paradigm processor can support up to five Network Station Power Supplies and one Station Power Module to support a total of 128 stations or sensors.

ETC Paradigm Network Station Power Supply
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