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Software release Eos V3.0

Eos v3.0 is officially released and available for download on the ETC website. This update marks the official addition of the Augment3d three-dimensional programming environment and augmented-reality focus-remote integration to the Eos toolkit.

Additional Eos v3.0 software features:

  • A new look throughout Eos includes a refreshed GUI with the ability to reorder tabs within a frame, optional expanded fader ribbon controls, and updates to Setup, Fader Configuration, the CIA, and encoder displays.
  • Staging mode, allowing you to preview changes temporarily before committing the levels to Live or Blind. Updated keycaps for your console may be ordered here.
  • Effects variables that allow modification of Step Based and Absolute effects on a per-cue basis.
  • Improvements to Offset, Magic Sheet Editor, and About tools.

(As a reminder, Eos v3.0 and all subsequent software updates will not be compatible with Windows XP-based hardware such as the Eos “Classic” or XP-based Ion consoles. Earlier software builds will remain available on the ETC website, and a new feature within the shell will allow Eos v3.0 users to boot their consoles in v2.9.1 for compatibility with older devices.)

Software release Eos V3.0

Eos v3.0 Software Introduction

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