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Neue Produkte und Technik

Claypaky - Osram - ART Centric Lighting

ART Centric Lighting is a collection of lighting fixtures that prioritizes the most effective ways of lighting works of art, both from a technical and narrative point of view.

Every artist, when they create a work, transmits a message through matter, with its thousand shades of color, its shape, its shadows, its surface and its texture. Highlighting the artist’s message and making it live in the visitor’s eyes means enhancing the physicalness of the work itself, without altering it.

The basic principle behind ART Centric Lighting is therefore to respect the works of art, and turn them into stars, like actors on a stage. It is by no coincidence that the small ART Centric Lighting units are in reality miniature theatre lights.

They are not simply light sources with an elegant non-invasive design, but are fixtures with professional optical units that generate high-quality, adjustable light.

Claypaky - Osram - ART Centric Lighting

Art Centric Lighting - official video

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