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Dual 800 RGBW

The DUAL 800 RGBW, is a very robust and reliable product with IP66 rate. Thanks to the high luminous flux generated, is suitable to light up big façades and wide surfaces. Using 128+128 high power LEDs of 5W each incorporated in groups of 4 RGBW and coupled with a quad lens the DUAL 800 RGBW allows to achieve an very high luminous flux as well as an optimum color mixing. For instance can be used lenses with medium opening on one head to light up the lower part of a building and at the same time, it is possible to use narrow lenses to light up the rest of the building.

  • 128+128 (5W) LEDs 32+32 groups each one with four LEDs (RGBW) 24000 total lm (lm: 9000 W, 4400 R, 8400 G, 2400 B)
  • IP 66 fixture, included main power and DMX cable connections
  • OPTIC 25mm quad lenses standard 23° (±11.5°)


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Dual 800 RGBW
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