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Eos Windows XP to Windows 7 upgrade program

In the fall of 2014, we initiated a program allowing most XP-based devices in the Eos family to be upgraded to the Windows 7 OS. The major exemption was Eos Classic. This initiative has been wildly successful and much appreciated by our budget-conscious customers, but it is time to plan the end of it.

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ETC fos/4 Panel Series

Over a decade of color research comes together in the fos/4 Panel. These fixtures were designed specifically for the studio and film industry, and take predictably nuanced color from reality to the camera to the screen.With the fos/4 Panel available in three sizes and two arrays, you’ll never find yourself wishing for anything more.

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LUPO Actionpanel Dual Color & Full Color

Excellence at affordable prices: our goal is to manufacture professional products with excellent features alongside affordable prices for everyone.

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