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One shot, multiple worlds: Chemical Brothers’ “Live Again” at ARRI Stage London

Directing duo, dom&nic, push the boundaries of virtual production techniques on their latest Chemical Brothers promo film.
Pioneering English electronic music legends, the Chemical Brothers, have always embraced cutting-edge technology. Continuing this groundbreaking approach, the promo for latest track “Live Again” utilizes virtual production to tell a story that could not be achieved in any other way.

Shot at ARRI Stage London and produced by Outsider, the promo follows a dancer emerging from her trailer into a series of various environments—with several scene transitions taking place live, within one continuous shot.

Using Unreal Engine’s sequencer tools, the Stage team from ARRI Solutions, Creative Technology, and Lux Machina provided the production with full 3D control over each environment in an animated sequence built by Untold Studio. Careful coordination was essential: virtual transitions, lighting sequencing, camera movement, set dressing, and atmospheric elements had to be choreographed and rehearsed down to the tiniest detail. ARRI spoke to directing duo and long-term creative collaborators, dom&nic, about translating their signature directing style into a virtual production environment.

One shot, multiple worlds: Chemical Brothers’ “Live Again” at ARRI Stage London

The Chemical Brothers - Live Again ft. Halo Maud

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