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EchoTouch and ColorSource Console Software v3.3 Released

ETC has released version 3.3 of software for ColorSource consoles and EchoTouch controller. For ColorSource, the software includes performance enhancements and bug fixes. For EchoTouch, this free software update adds integrated UDP support. UDP functionality makes it easy to tie an EchoTouch controller to any product or system that supports UDP strings, including other control products like consoles or third-party A/V systems. Previously, this capability was only available by adding an Echo Integration Interface to the system.

With this new version, EchoTouch users are able to control the following via UDP:

Zone or Channel Intensity

This new feature gives users: Full control of presets and spaces over UDP; Lockout control for all 16 spaces (a feature that EII doesn’t support); Up to two subscribers for status messages; Security to only accept commands from subscribers instead of all senders.

Finally, we are working with QSC on an updated device package for Q-Sys integration. While the existing Echo device package will work, it doesn’t yet support the options for Channel, Space Raise/Lower, or Space Lockout new to EchoTouch 3.3. Keep an eye out for that device package coming soon!

To update current units, users can download the software onto a flash drive then plug the drive into the back of an EchoTouch unit or ColorSource console to upload the new firmware. The new software is now live on the EchoTouch software page and the ColorSource console software page.

EchoTouch and ColorSource Console Software v3.3 Released
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