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Robert Juliat Dalis+Arthur Press Release

Legacy Production Group expands lighting inventory with Robert Juliat Dalis 862 Footlights
“Minneapolis is a unique market: there’s no single, big lighting house here,” notes Legacy President, Tom Gorman.  “We try to keep an inventory of what we can use for our primary corporate event clients as well as what other people in town want for music, touring and theatre.  I’ve been hoping to stock the Dalis 862 footlights since I first saw them – they’re an amazing, cool and unique piece of equipment.  When we did our first social media post announcing that we had the Dalis 862s we heard from a lot of people who told us they were very glad they were now available in Minneapolis.”

Robert Juliat Dalis 860 LED cyclights play key role in Drawn to Life, the new Cirque du Soleil-Disney production
“I had used Robert Juliat Dalis LED footlights on an opera, but this was my first time using the Dalis cyclights,” says Labrecque.  “I’m quite a fan of Robert Juliat equipment in general and was impressed by the footlights.  But for ‘Drawn to Life’ I had a giant cyc with two or more scenic layers in front of it to light and I had to get all the colours I wanted to use.  The Dalis 860s are powerful and bright and the optics so good that I went all in with them.  The cyc was the centrepiece of my design, and we built a top-notch rig around it.”

Robert Juliat Dalis 860 LED cyclorama lighting chosen for Taiwan’s National Taichung Theater
The National Taichung Theater (NTT) has three main venues: the 2007-seat Grand Theater, the 794-seat Playhouse and the 200-seat Black Box theater. The main location for the Dalis 860 fixtures will be the Grand Theater which hosts a broad programme of musicals, opera, ballet, modern dance and drama. The Dalis 860 cyclorama fixtures will be installed in truss and groundrow positions to light the venue’s impressive 18m wide x 10m high cyclorama with a smooth, even, highly controllable coverage.

Robert Juliat Arthur followspots for The Lowry, Salford, Manchester
The RJ Arthur followspots were selected for their impressive output which is capable of matching the lumen output of an HMI 2500W Aramis followspot at similar angles. “The Lowry has been operating with RJ Aramis followspots since we opened in April 2000,” says Dave Wimpenny, one of the Technical Managers at The Lowry. “One of them finally gave up the ghost in late 2021 so we took the decision to upgrade to two new spots after 22 years! We looked for LED alternatives to the Aramis and the Arthur looked very good on paper. I spoke to Jayney Bell (Technical Sales Consultant at Stage Electrics) who assured me that these would be the best option and managed to bring them in within our budget.”




Robert Juliat Dalis+Arthur Press Release
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