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Rabat Wall & Studio Due

In Morocco, a thousand-year-old country of lights, Studio Due is proud to have contributed  to the realization of the exterior lighting of the Rabat Wall as the result of a close and unifying partnership with our Moroccan partner Lamalif Group, a reference operator with whom we share the same vision, the same passion and the same requirements for creativity and quality.

: Morocco 
District: Rabat-Salé-Kénitra 
Site features: islamic monuments

Site history: Almohad Wall in Rabat is a defensive wall located on the southern and western sides of the city of Rabat, Morocco. It was built by the third Almohad Caliph, Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur, in the 12th century AD. The wall includes five gates and several defense towers, and it was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. 

Project and Studio Due used products: in order to protect and prevent these historical castle walls from deterioration, the government started their renovation and lighting. The product ARCHIBAR-SL 150-i (inground), 3000K, beam angle 10°x30° was chosen on the basis of the characteristics of the wall that could not have been drilled. 

Project management: Lamalif Group 
Photo credit: Lamalif Group

Rabat Wall & Studio Due
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