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LUPO Smartpanel Dual Color

The Smartpanel is an On-Camera light that rocks. We created it so it is practical and portable but also equipped with an impressive amount of light. 4200 Lux at 1 m, can you believe it? It practically emits the same amount of light as some 1x1 LED panels on the market which are priced three to five times higher. So, with the Smartpanel you can get serious and illuminate your sets and use it as a mini studio light, for vlogs, music videos and much more.

Tunable white: variable colour temperature from 3200 K to 5600 K.
The Smartpanel can be mains powered or battery powered. A USB Type-C cable for the power supply is included in the package, but alternatively you can also use common NP-F type batteries or an AC power supply. As in all Lupo products we wanted to create a cool and stylish design for the Smartpanel, but a fundamental feature of this pocket light is also the robustness that derives from the reinforced technopolymer construction. For a very affordable price you will have a small, powerful, durable and extremely robust light.

The most powerful On-Camera light on the market. Stylish and robust.
The Smartpanel is an On-Camera light but it is actually also the smallest LED studio light in the world. It uses the same technology as its bigger brothers Actionpanel and Superpanel and therefore you can expect “Pro” performance and light quality even if the price is unbeatable.

Designed for you. Incredible versatility with more battery options.
With the Smartpanel Dual Color you have two options for battery use. First is using small and cheap NP-F-SERIES batteries (7.4 V) that can be attached directly to the back of the light. These are super common batteries that you can find anywhere. Second is using V-Mount type batteries (14.8 V, 95 Wh or higher) that can be connected to the Smartpanel Dual Color through a D-Tap cable. This is also a very practical solution.

Complete range for every need.
All Lupo products are compatible with a wide range of accessories: backpacks, batteries, v-locks, battery chargers, softboxes, carrying cases, tripods and clamps. By clicking on the link below you can see the full range of accessories for Smartpanel Dual Color.

LUPO Smartpanel Dual Color
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