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ETC Response Opto-Splitter

Data distribution for systems, large or small
From small stage productions to large architectural installations, ETC provides the systems, expertise, and equipment for data distribution. ETC’s aim is to provide seamless service and integration for those systems backed by our core competencies and development expertise. Response Opto-Splitters provide DMX distribution with integrated RDM capability, giving our users a true, fully-integrated ETC system with data communication that meets all your needs.

Infrastructure that embraces change
ETC fixtures keep getting smarter. With a fully integrated setup, users can utilize our update tool, UpdaterAtor, to access the latest firmware for their system. With ETC gateways, opto-splitters, and fixtures, users don’t have to fight infrastructure to update easily.

The ins and outs of power and data
You want your system to be tamperproof, but accessible. On the Response Opto-Splitter, the mounting configurations are completely customizable to the user. On tour? You might want all your ports on the front. Permanent installation? Try the back.

Data where you need it
DIN rail and wall-mount splitters are a contractor’s best friend. The included 48 VDC power supply makes installation straightforward.

ETC Response Opto-Splitter
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