Clay Paky Spheriscan

(CLAY PAKY | Moving Light)

Clay Paky Spheriscan

Spheriscan is a revolutionary scanner with a modern twist. After creating the last word in moving-mirror lights in the 1990s, Clay Paky has leveraged the huge technological developments of recent years to "reinvent" the scanner and make it future-ready.

The Spheriscan’s pan rotation does not have an end-stop: its mirror goes on turning endlessly beyond 360 degrees, which creates an absolutely original swirling effect. Its speed may be adjusted as desired and reach a maximum of 280 rpm, that is more than four revolutions per second! Spheriscan is without a doubt much more powerful and brighter than any of the other scanners that came before it. Its spanking new OSRAM lamp works at  1200 W.

Spheriscan features a 13°-34° high speed zoom, 2 rotating gobo wheels with 6 gobos each, an interchangeable glass animation wheel, a rotating prism, a fast sixteen-blade iris, a linear frost filter, CMY system, a color wheel and a linear CTO.

Spheriscan is built to be used outdoors (IP54). Using a special optional support system, Spheriscan may be recessed into the stage floor, with only its transparent head visible, to create original gazing projections.

Its transparent tumbler-shaped cover can be easily removed and replaced with a special mirror-holder (the light slightly gains in brightness and becomes IP20). Lastly, you can also use the Spheriscan to project light directly, without the mirror.

Spheriscan is therefore a tribute to the past with an endless variety of state-of-the-art technical features. It is a powerful effects light capable of adding a new distinctive touch to shows and an appliance you can use on many occasions, including big events, indoor and outdoor concerts and architectural installations.