Robert Juliat Dalis 860


Robert Juliat Dalis 860

Dalis is the new asymmetrical 300W LED cyclight from Robert Juliat, designed to deliver powerful, smooth coverage and a huge variety of pastel and saturated colours.
Dalis incorporates eight coloured LED emitters consisting of red, green, blue, royal blue, amber, cyan, warm white (2200K) and cool white (6500K). The choice of these six colours in association with the two whites gives access to an extremely wide colour gamut. In addition, the white emitters facilitate colour desaturation, resulting in an impressive range of pastel tones. Each colour can be controlled in 8 or 16 bit mode. Additionally, four groups of LED emitters can also be controlled independently by 16 bit on each color in the batten, thus providing a subtle and clever mix of colours with smooth transitions and fades.

Dalis’ exclusive optical design uses patented asymmetrical micro reflectors to spread the light evenly over vertical surfaces and deliver a massive output across the full colour spectrum. A protective glass window with a highly-transmissive coating ensures optimal light transmission.

Equipped with an advanced fanless cooling system, Dalis offers silent operation which is perfect for sound sensitive applications like opera houses and studios, and all theatrical, TV and entertainment applications.

Dalis can be controlled via DMX/RDM, ArtNet, SACN, MANet and mounted horizontally, vertically or on the deck using its flexible QuickRig mounting system.

• 300W LED Cyclight
• Extruded aluminium housing
• Fanless system
• Flicker-free for TV studio compliance
• Power and data daisy chain
• Compatible with DMX / RDM / ARTNET / SACN / Manet
• System setup locally (keypad / NFC) and remotely by RDM or TCP/IP - integrated display
• Flexible QuickRig mounting system